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Mercedes Krause has been in Nevada for generations. Her mother graduated high school in Douglas County, and she and her daughters were born and raised in Nevada. She is also a proud dual-citizen of the Oglala, Lakota Nation. Mercedes is an Emerge Nevada graduate and a graduate of Advance Native Leadership.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and has a master’s in Administrative Leadership with a focus on American Indian Education.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience and is a co-founder of the non-profit Indigenous Educators Empowerment.  

Mercedes has been an active union member for as long as she has been an educator, and holds title roles with the Nevada Minority Affairs Commission, the Clark County Native American Caucus, the Native American Alumni Club at UNLV, the Las Vegas Indian Center, and was a member of the inaugural Superintendent’s Advisory Committee with the Nevada Department of Education. She is also bi-lingual in Spanish with roots in Belen, New Mexico.

Mercedes is a tireless advocate for pushing forward initiatives that benefit Indigenous peoples and all communities.  Representation matters, Krause aims to uplift the platform issues important to diverse communities, including the 18 of our state’s 27 tribal communities housed in CD2.

My family instilled a respect for the inherent dignity of every person, but it is hard for many to carry themselves with dignity when they are unable to care for their families despite working hard. 1 in 7 Nevadans live in poverty. We need to support living wages, wages that afford a safe home,  healthful food, healthcare, and the ability for Nevada families to care for their children.

Enough is enough. We must demand that Nevada rise from its position of 48th in the nation in our education ranking. It is time to stop talking and fund our education system so that students can learn safely, and so that EVERY STUDENT IN NEVADA has the same opportunities. We are better than this.

Nevadans should be able to afford safe housing and have a path to homeownership. The cost of living is above what our current salary base is, a balance must be created.

I am passionate about creating a safe, healthy, dignified life for ALL Nevadans. We must protect our rights while balancing caring for our neighbors’ rights. We need to create a strong educational foundation for our youth and afford everyone the opportunities a strong, thoughtful community creates by working together. Public policy issues that touch on this relate to the protection of our water supply, closing the opportunity gap for students, access to health care services, and supporting Nevadans striving for a dignified life by pushing for a livable wage and working to control rising costs.

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