Women Reproductive Rights and Health

Thank you to all the women bravely telling their stories, you are appreciated.

I want to say that I genuinely feel every story that I read. Women all over the country and the world are so passionate because of the memories and emotions that our stories are stirring up. Not everyone is sharing their story, and we should truly not have to re-traumatize ourselves telling some of the hardest stories of our lives, to try to convince people that we deserve autonomy over our bodies! Just listen to women!

It is so upsetting listening to people with the nerve to go on in detail about what a woman should do so she doesn’t get pregnant, how she should act, how she should feel and handle it if she does become pregnant. It is so frustrating because it’s some of the same people who could not even be asked to wear a mask in order to make their fellow citizens feel comfortable and safe, yet they want to force women to go through the intensely physical, mental, emotional and financial changes that are needed for carrying a pregnancy.

It must be considered that a part of the reason that many women do not want have children is because of how harsh and frightening this world is.  Let’s focus on what is needed make the world a safer place. Let’s create space where everyone has the financial security that is needed to have a safe, happy family.  One that will have the clean air and water that is needed. Before we have conversations about forcing women to give birth let’s put the horse before the court.

How can our Supreme Court Justices stand under oath and speak to the fact that they implied they would not interfere with the constitutional right for women’s right to choose what happens to their body.  How dare anyone talk about freedom or representing the people and then make a decision so contrary to majority public opinion. 

This is not a campaigning point, this is our lives.  I will not allow ­­this to stand.  I pledge full commitment to this issue. 

Gun Violence

Gun violence is the leading cause of death of children in America age nineteen and under. It is unacceptable. We must keep our children safe. This is why I support Ethan’s Law (H. R. 748 – 117th Congress, passed U.S. House 223-204 , now at Senate) I ask that the U.S. Senate pass this as well.

I support the campaign against assault weapons and urge others to also. #BanWeaponsofWar

Nevada is seventeenth in the nation for deaths from gun violence per 100,000 total population. This is according to the CDC/National Center for Health Statistics for Mortality by State 2022 Report.

Recognition of Sovereign Tribal Nations In Decision Making

Free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous people for all decisions that affect Indigenous people and their traditional territories (FPIC) needs to be enforced. NO decision, project or development should take place without the FPIC of the tribal community that will be impacted. THIS IS A HARD LINE, consent NOT consultation.

Water Protection 

We need to enforce limits on water use/waste and support the expansion of existing federal programs to support wastewater reuse. Our senators are already creating a path to funding through grants to help create a base for large projects to combat drought. We are also seeing bipartisan action such as the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan Authorization Act. We need to ensure that this funding is distributed to tribal and rural communities equitably as this infrastructure investment are being made. In addition to quantities of water we need to be sure to ensure good quality of water also.

According to Environment Nevada having The Clean Water Standards for PFAS 2.0 Act “would help protect Americans from further exposure to toxic PFAS by starting to turn off the tap on these harmful chemicals. PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a class of over 12,000 chemicals that don’t break down and can build up in the environment and our bodies, earning them the nickname “forever chemicals.” Research links PFAS exposure in humans to cancer, immune system deficiencies, high cholesterol, low fertility, and even developmental issues in children and infants.

Moreover, the health impacts of PFAS are magnified because the chemicals accumulate in air, soil, water and our own bodies and persist in the environment indefinitely.” We must preserve and protect our water, we cannot live without it.

Access to quality education including Pre-school, Vocational Education and College

I can tell. It is often very easy to tell when a student has attended preschool or not. Our public education system is one of the foundations of our country. Education is “the great equalizer” and we must expand our service to our students. Every child should have preschool, access to highly qualified teachers and the courses they need to get into college or the trades, and then an opportunity to go to college or trade school.

Expanding opportunity creates a more civil, happy society. This is one of the areas where we are behind other parts of the world…”you can tell about a people by the way they treat their children”…what do we want our treatment to say? I am committed to voting for and pursuing means for the funding to support education.

Equitable Access to Quality Healthcare

Just as with education, Nevada ranks low in healthcare, near last. According to the Commonwealth Fund “The only states that fared worse than Nevada nationally were Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi.” This is unacceptable. We need access to quality healthcare providers, healthcare coverage for all and caps on prescription drugs. We are talking about our lives. Nevadans deserve better.

Protection and Expansion of Unions

“The right to live, 

not simply exist.

…The right to life 

And the sun.

And music and art.

The worker

Must have bread

But she must have roses too.”

-1912 Schneiderman


Unions protect workers by protecting them through ensuring safer work spaces, living wages, health care benefits and stand up for their working conditions.


  • A 20-year member of NEA/NSEA
  • The interim president of NEA-SN – and a Hispanic and Native Caucus Member
  • A Nevada Education Association Board Member
  • From a union Family – my father has a dignified retirement as a retired member of Carpenters Local 1977

PRO Act (Borrowed/adapted from adlcio.org)

13 ways that the PRO Act helps working people:

1. Strengthens employees’ bargaining rights

2. Holds corporations accountable

3. Increases wages

4. Increases workplace safety.

5. Addresses inequality

6. Expands civil rights

7. Protects collective action and removes barriers to worker voice

8. Modernizes the union election and enforcement processes

9. Ensures most workers are included under NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) protections

10. Repeals “right to work” laws: The PRO Act would repeal right to work laws, which are divisive and racist laws created during the Jim Crow era that lead to lower wages, fewer benefits and more dangerous workplaces.

11. Helps fix the economy

12. Helps fix our democracy: Another consequence of declining worker power and economic failure is that more and more people lose confidence in the system as a whole. To restore that confidence and strengthen our democracy, we need to make the economy work for working people.

13. Gives working people a real say in our future

Racial Justice

We continue to work to reverse centuries of injustice. I implore all of us, no matter where we are from, to work toward the ideal of life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness promised to us all. 


  • Family separation is inhumane – it is never ok
  • We must protect families seeking asylum 
  • We must treat those seeking refuge equitably
  • We must depoliticize the immigration process
  • We must protect migrant and seasonal workers, and increase penalties for employers who violate labor laws.

2nd Amendment Protection AND Reasonable/Responsible Measures That Keep Nevadans Safe

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and support the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms for the protection of their families, hunting and recreation. With this in mind we must also take measures to protect Nevadans from gun violence. Background checks and closing loopholes that jeopardize the safety of our families must be prioritized.

There is no place for government to use criminal law to control people’s sexuality or reproductive choices. PERIOD.

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